This is the first time i’v purchased a non-tarot deck for diviniation & meditation (excluding poker cards that i tried reading a few times). I purchased the Sacred Symbols Deck from Marcella Kroll and this is the first reading i did!

It is time to let the ego die. Let all the worry, anger and frustrations of the past pass away. The New Moon magnifies aspects of the Divine Feminine, helping us find our way. The December Cold Moon of Demeter’s mourning opens the portal to another phase of life. And in this passing, we are safe.

Sacred Symbols by Marcella Kroll

I love the symbology, and this does have a lot of meaning to me, Especially with the New Moon coming.

Thank you Marcella for creating this beautiful deck!!!
You can purchase her cards at her etsy page

other notes:
I have been watching healing, law of attraction, and manifesting wealth & prosperity webinars for the past 2 months, i think it’s helping 😀 I really like Mindvalley, and if you sign up for their mailing list you get a bunch of offers.

Love & Thanks!!!

We hold ourselves, whole, light and shadow, as we connect to the universe and all that is within and around us.