Month: December 2015


I finally remembered to go back and finish watching some videos from the Card Reading Magic Intuitive Festival back in October that i’d purchased and other than the fact that i Really enjoyed hearing all those experts talk, i learned about having a birthday card in the poker deck! So i looked it up and well … i’m not a court card 😛 but i’m in the Creatives suite and my daughter is in the same suite as me 😀

i like how Mary K. Greer flat out stated that there has been scientific research done on intuition and that it is as often wrong as right; however, the likelihood of it being correct increases with experience. She compared it to a doctor giving a diagnosis and how a more experienced doctor’s intuition would lead them to diagnose symptoms better than a newbie. She also said that a card reading can be wrong and re-iterated that reading while emotional is not a good idea and will result in a really biased result. I confess that i have read while emotional, i actually found my results very reflective and useful. There are a few instances where i REALLY “changed my destiny” based upon an emotionally charged reading and then regretted jumping to conclusions. So i do recommend a healthy combination of analytical logic and intuition. And ALL well known tarot Teachers recommend meditating before a reading so that you will read with a calm and composed mind. (i’m getting the hang of the meditation part … i use “meditation music” to help and it has been! 😀 ) I am still trying to get the hang of my intuition’s signals … logical analysis is so much easier for me to comprehend. I have had few strong gut reactions to things and i Always act on them and Don’t regret it. So few that i can count them on one hand 😛

On tarot birthday cards … well … my birthday card is a figure in the major arcana i actually have difficulty relating with sometimes … BUT i think my daughter has a Great birthday card! So that makes me super happy.

Also, i’v been talking to all my friends about the concept of Gaslighting which society is finally confronting. It happens mostly to women and children, in which the people around the listener repeatedly tell them to stop “over-reacting”, or being so “emotional”, and other things to keep them Under Control. It is Indirect Manipulation, and there is away to defend yourself against it.
Main points i get from this: (you should read the article if you are unfamiliar with Gaslighting)

  • Confront the feelings the statements create in you: feel them and release them.
  • Allow yourself to DISAGREE, tell yourself it’s ok. Flat Out DISAGREE and walk away.
  • Avoid more situations where you are around those that gaslight you or flat out don’t like you.
  • Be Strong and Own Your Power.

And for positive pick-me-ups after being gaslighted, i recommend signing up for promotional life coaching or law of attractions classes that tell you all about how awesome you are and how to love yourself and have gratitude for everything, asking for recommendations on life coaches, OR going on youtube and looking up videos on positivity, raising your vibration, or self-love 😛
Therapy also works well when you Really want to get to the bottom of an issue. Make sure you find a good therapist though 🙂 different therapy and communication methods work on different people. We don’t all fit into one mold! (I still recommend using youtube and life coaching promos to find out what works best for you, TED and Mind Valley are great!)

Rediscovering our hidden history, and empowering ourselves with new knowledge

Most people don’t know the Pagan Origins of Christmas and the Mother Goddesses that were either erased or turned into men by the Patriarchy that used politics and religion to erase any egalitarian culture that respected both genders and believed in living in harmony with nature. Modern developments and discoveries in Anthropology and History are bringing to light the hidden history that was covered up and destroyed by violence and abuse of “power”. The old sense of “power” which meant using secrecy, fear, violence and oppression to control the populace. But there is a new sense of “power” that people are discovering, that come from transparency, sharing knowledge, empowering people with it, and creating massive change by connecting humans within social networks in order to collaborate and Activate Change.

Advancements in Neuroscience and Psychology are showing us that our minds are powerful enough to affect our physical bodies and that just as stress (from fear and worry) can break us down, a calm and confident mind will drive us beyond completion of our goals to achieving more that what we thought possible.

All of this is pushing against a system that still tries to rule with fear and sedition. We push for an end of fear, because “there is nothing to fear but fear itself”.

Edit: i now have the full litany against fear quote from Dune
“I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

Trust in yourself, trust in the universe to give you what you need. Self-confidence can create success, it can open doors, and it can save your life.

I included this video because it is a wonderful TED talk about what New Power is compared to Old Power. Food for thought. Feed your brain.

Fighting Violence with Nonviolence : Scilla Elworthy (a key part is confidence)

for more wonderfully informative And entertaining videos, go directly to ted talks

Ah Sacred Heart

Ah Sacred Heart! What inspiration seethes in your world today? What aspect, as a microcosm of the universe, will you reveal to me today?

Inspired by talking to Judi Cali and also the concept of Yin Yang (陰陽) which has to do with my dream last night.

Last night, 3 women appeared in my dream: the first one represented giving with boundaries and good business sense/ethics, the second one was a healer who pulled a snake-like worm out of my right side, she represented Yin 陰 energy, and the third was masculine and represented Yang 陽 energy.

I woke up feeling like i had gone through a shamanistic cleansing, healed & rested. I was SO happy that my neck soreness was gone and looked forward to swimming at the beach since the weather was quite warm. It was nice seeing other people there, a family swimming, And one other person swimming out to the buoy without a wet suit. Glad that I wasn’t the only person swimming without a wet suit today 😛


Swimming in the beach is always nice adventure that doubles as a spiritually and physically cleansing activity. Floating along the waves and enjoying the movement allows me to surrender and relinquish the ego’s control over my mind, filling myself with gratitude and love for the universe.

Delving into the Deep

Delve into the deep blue ambiguity of fantasy that swims in the psyche.
When dreams are real and fantasy is relative.
When the Chimera dissolves into the great blue ocean, the mercreature swims into view

Finished my genderless mercreature drawing today and inked it! It is supposed to have a sea mammal style tail but now i want to put either some kind of texture or a pattern on it. I haven’t uploaded my Chimera yet … which came before this … it will have it’s own set of text.

I Was able to step into the ocean two days in a row! After a nice family outing we went to the beach and watched the sun set as the surfers floated over the waves, also watching the sunset. A calm intriguing stillness befell the crowd of humans, in awe at how beautiful and powerful nature can be.


cleansing, cleaning up, and prepping for the new moon

Amping up for the New Moon

In continuation of what transpired yesterday, I am Preparing for the Dark Moon!!
[After waking up from another 4 hrs of sleep I] Meditated in the morning, then swam in the ocean (during a 65 degree F day), came home and worked out for 1 hr with Christina Nekiya’s Flexstability DVD. I also fasted till dinner time because i was recovering from consuming too much dairy (On Wednesday night i ate too much whip cream, real cow milk whip cream that i made). This was my second day of fasting, and first Complete fast. Yesterday i fasted till 3pm when i ate a smoothie before work, my stomach still hurt a bit, i was well enough to eat my lentil & butternut squash curry dinner at 9pm, but my stomach ached this morning when i was waking up. So i decided to fast a second day, and had a really nice and filling dinner of my curry from last night and some dumplings i made for my daughter, as i’d made the curry too spicy for her to eat.

The noon time swim in the ocean had temporarily shocked my cough out of my system, which is awesome. I am still coughing now but still thankful for my wonderful afternoon and day.

Tonight i let my daughter shuffle through the Sacred Symbols deck I recently purchased and the Message card popped up twice. The first time it flipped over while she was shuffling, and then it also turned out to be the first card she selected from the pile she’s made.


An important message is coming, meditate upon this and a gift will be received.

I am also really excited about the arrival of my order from
And had fun adjusting the color with pixler express 😛 I haven’t had a chance to use these yet, but i let my daughter draw some stuff :3

Here is something i inked with a tachikawa pen i bought last year. Along with some inspiring text i wrote to go along with it.
Awaken Seedling! It is time to sprout and sway!

Looking forward to the New Moon, and seeing what and how things will progress 🙂