After reading The Crone by Barbara Walker I realized that the Baphomet, which is a transcription of Sophia using the Templar Knights’ code, has more meaning than what is proscribed it in pop culture. Sophia being a Divine Feminine entity of Gnostic Christianity. A religion that was suppressed by the violent Patriarchy of the past who believed in a twisted sense of power through violence and force. They rejected the idea that their God could be a combination of both Male and Female Divine, that Eve was created as an equal to Adam, and that Eve and the Serpent are the true saviors of humanity because they convinced Adam to not listen to the evil spirit who threatened them with death and to eat the Fruit of Wisdom which allowed them to leave their gilded cage and enter the World.

Religion is always a flagrant topic of debates, but do the debaters ever Really know what they are talking about? Religious history is as murky as politics with ruling politicians literally burning books and manuscripts (defacing and or destroying monuments and symbols) of anything that went against their designs for their country/populace. And then you can add all the sedition, torture and “human rights violations” into that. Archeologists and Historians are still learning about the past, so much that it is comparable to what Scientific Researchers are learning about this physical world and how to understand and work with it.