Monthly archives: May, 2015

painting again!

so happy about painting again! i signed up for a project which Finally gave me a reason and push to PAINT!

Part 1 of my planned Fleurs des Morts series : Reunion

white tail deer and clematis flowers, because when i looked online for “flowers deer like to eat” clematis came up

work in progress

Reunion : in progress

i sketched this yesterday and spent all daylight time today painting. I love this and need to make myself paint more

relaxing after overworking

after going 4 days without working out due to trying to finish a project, i got a huge headache on the 5th day. so on the 6th day i decided to tell my client that i will not be finished as early as i expected, and then head to the beach to take a break. i didn’t wear sunblock because i thought it would be over cast … no, it was Bright out! and Beautiful! i saw a little bit until i saw things in the water that looked like fins so i freaked out and rushed back to shore, in a hurry, not paying attention to the big waves, which led to me being thrown around until i finally got my footing back … embarrassing … especially when this 11 year old girl down the beach was swimming up to waves and diving through them like nothing. after watching her swim through waves like a pro, i walked over to ask her how she did that and her dad told me about diving through waves and suggested that i watch surfers to get more clues. very nice family, awesome swimmer girl. my injured knee was feeling a little extra wobbly when i got home, and i currently have a sun burn … i haven’t gotten sun burned in YEARS. i’m really glad that i went to the beach though, i noticed a big difference in my person when i returned home, even if i was anxious and embarrassed at the beach. i also brought my crystals to clean and recharge to beach sun and atmosphere.

beach break

waves : low tide + big waves = being thrown around

wiggling my feet in the beach sand

saw this caterpillar on sunday and just had to video tape it

i bathed in lavender essential oil + jojoba oil + epsom salt the first night and on the second night i bathed in water + epsom salt and then smeared aloe vera all over myself when i got out of the bath. today when i worked out i was smelling aloe vera on me and i was thinking “hehehe i sweat out aloe vera scent!”. today is 3 days after this lovely beach break and i started this entry earlier but just finished it now

i don’t remember dreams as easily … i think a part of myself is overwhelmed, since there IS a lot of stuff going on, signing onto new projects, looking forward to new opportunities and developing myself further on a spiritual level. i feel like i’m missing something when i can’t remember my dreams … i remember the feelings now … they are my message 🙂

so i ordered a new tarot deck: The Night Sun illustrated by Fabio Listrani and didn’t really read with it till a week after the arrival, which was earlier today around 2am, in which i read about my situation and got:

tarot reading 5/29/2015

XIII 6 Swords Knight of Pentacles
what crowns me is Justice and what grounds me is the Ace of Swords.

i’m really excited about this! i’v been getting the death card a lot, and Death/Transition means a lot to me. My past is dying as i move on to another life. Exactly what this major dream i had a couple weeks ago was about. I’v also been getting the death card a lot, and i am mildly fearful of change, but still excited about transitioning.

I’m also really happy that i got this deck! it’d Dynamic and really speaks to me! when i first looked through it i thought that i wasn’t very interested in the illustrations, but then while reading with it, i was Energized and intuitively interpreting the cards, even though they read differently than “standard” tarot decks.

So the card of the day is Death

Here is my illustration for the Death card
XIII Death

i want to illustrate all 78 card eventually, slowly working through it …