Into the Psyche

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Delving into the blue waters of psyche to find what lies hidden in the mind and stirs the shadows of the subconscious, forming distorted visions of reality. Let us dive into the mind and awaken the sleeping consciousness. We ask spirit for guidance as we return to the center of our self, casting away the ego and all of it’s fears and insecurities. We dive deep into the unknown nothing which is all, the surreal universe, the original paradox.

Welcome to Ocean Blue Psyche!

Enjoy the Articles written by Luna regarding Self Development, Dreamwork, working with Tarot and Oracle cards. Luna also posts Inspirational Tarot Forecasts.

You can work with Luna by booking an appointment in the web store.

Luna also interviews various Holistic Professionals who have backgrounds in a variety of expertise which include Energy Healing, Divination, Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Empowerment, and more. There are also some